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Paul Pettitt (musician and band mate of Keith’s from Clarence Clemons’ Temple of Soul Band) is undergoing extensive treatments to battle aggressive, advanced stage cancer.

In a wonderful outpouring of love and aid, A benefit concert was organized by his friends and fellow musicians to help support him and his family as he goes through expensive radiation and chemo treatments for advanced stage cancer. The Concert was be held on Sunday, Sept. 26 2010 at Club Cinema in Pompano Beach Florida.

An impressive lineup of artists performed at the event:
  • “The Big Man” Clarence Clemons & The Temple of Soul (with: Keith Cronin, Steve Argy, Billy Livesay, Randi Fishenfeld, Tomas Diaz, John Colby)
  • Wally Palmar, Coz Canler, & David Petratos of The Romantics
  • Tony Stevens SLOW RiDE original FOGHAT (with Billy Livesay, Eddie Zyne & Tommy Hall)
  • Mark Stein of Vanilla Fudge and Friends (with Jimi Fiano, Steve Argy & Jimmy Jack Tamburo)
  • Co-hosted by Veteran Rock & Roll Broadcasters Steve Stansell & Bill Murphy

** All performances were 100% donated by the artists **

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