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Diamond Angels Charity Benefit concert 2011 for Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital. The amazing lineup of rock stars performing at the concert this year were David Pack (Ambrosia), Wayne Nelson (Little River Band) and Brian Howe (Bad Company). Phil Ehart (Kansas) also treated us to a cameo performance on drums. Phil produces the music for this annual event and it was a treat to watch him rock out with David Pack.

The band backing the artists for this concert were Billy Livesay (guitar & vocals), Keith Cronin (drums), Steve Argy (bass & vocals), Don Fedele (keyboards & vocals), Luna Jade (vocals), and Jody Fedele (vocals).

This was one of those times when I wish I could have split myself in two. My primary focus for this event was on singing and performing, but I still managed to capture some photos... as did Keith (thank you, KC :)

Every photographic event is a learning experience (actually, that goes for pretty much every event in life :)

With this one, I learned that I need to make use of my user programmable settings so I can store a few tried and true, easy-to-switch-to configurations for different lighting situations so I can just grab the camera and shoot, or when I'm handing the camera off to someone else. In my haste, I forgot to make some crucial adjustments this time (like forgetting to set the Lumix LX-5 to capture in RAW instead of JPG - DOH!)

Still, even if some of the images are less-than-perfect, I am so grateful to have been able to capture the memories!

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